About JN

Hello Everyone!

I am going to give this whole about me section a try… even though I have always been horrible at describing myself!

My name is Jessica Nigri, and I and a big fan of Anime, well really all things that have to do with Japan, and Gaming.

How it all Started….

I first got into Anime when I was very young. All children around the age of 7 are looking for something to follow, something they want to aspire to be…it just so happened when I was 7 , everyone my age wanted to be a Pokemon master… As many of you probably know the anime Pokemon was very addicting; almost so much so that kids would bawl at the sight of Pikachu leaving Ash to go live with the other Pikachus…. I was one of those children. My life REVOLVED around Pokemon. I would buy the cards, the figurines, and the sticker books. At school I was banned for “having too many holographic cards”. Apparently all the other children wanted my goods and when they couldn’t trade me 15 commons from my holographic Charizard, they went crying back to their mothers.

With my Pokemon empire stripped from me, I then turned to Dragon Ball Z. Oohhh yes…. DBZ my friends was an entirely new obsession altogether. I have never felt so compelled to lock my younger brother in a small cupboard so I could watch my Goku save the planet(True Story…I actually locked my little brother in the cupboard one day so that I could watch the cartoon, because he thought it was scary and was going to tell mother…. CUPBOARD THE NON-BELIEVERS…CUPBOARD!!) I followed Goku from Raditz, to Vegetta and Napa, to Freeza, to Garlic, to Cell, and then finally to Buu. What an epic line of repititive episodes.  I remember Goku taking roughly a week to make a spirit bomb to crush Freeza. Needless to say I and everyone else on Namek were getting sick and tired of Goku’s lolly-gagging.  But when Goku went Super Saiyan…. I fell into a deep obsession that I have never recovered from… But thats ok!! :D I am a young healthy semi-normal girl today, and I thank the hyperbolic time chamber for that! :D

I am very into anime, but I am also in VIDEO GAMES. One in particular that probably changed my entire outlook on video games. Metal Gear Solid 1. I remember watching my brother play it when I was bout 7 and I feel in love with Snakes sneaky little tactics. Knocking on walls and having those gaurds in the white outfits go “HUH?” completely amazed me. There were interacting with my brother as he played! As I continued on a watched, I wanted to play so bad. So one night after he had turned off the Play Station and had gone to bed I got up, and became Snake! Making my way to the Play Station was my first move… second was making sure the disc was in… as soon as I pushed the big round button and the hatch popped open reavelaing the bounty within I nearly cried out with joy.edit frog

Apart from anime and gaming, I love to exercise! Any outdoor activity that involves getting out into nature, I am all for! I cycle, run, row, and swim for the most part! I love a good hike and regularily hike Camel Back Mountain!

Here is a dead toad I found whilst cycling on August 16th 2009 <3


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