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Jessica Nigri Up…but new management

0, May 17, 2011
Posted by admin or is no longer the official website of Jessica Nigri.

This site was created back in 2009 by Jessica and a few of her friends, this was right after her legendary Pikachu outfit that went viral all over the internet. Jessica wasn’t prepared for her sudden popularity, a lot happened and came to the point the site is interfering with her personal affairs (family, friends and school).  Time has passed and the site was nearly forgotten, Jessica is more popular now and being managed by a professional agency.

As old friends of hers, we hope nothing but the best  for her and her success to continue. Due to many time, hours and money spent making this original site, one of the original staff behind  decided its best to just let it stay alive, perhaps help Jessica by contributing to her internet presence and showcase all her magnificent cosplays.

We will do our best to keep this site up to date. Any pictures featured in gallery are property of Jessica Nigri and her photographers. Credits will be provided to known sources.