Yoko Ritona Pictures are UP!

0, November 2, 2009
Posted by Jessica Nigri

Hey everyone!!
Cosplay photos of my Yoko Ritona Cosplay are finally up!!! Head over to the gallery to check them out!! :D


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34 Responses to “Yoko Ritona Pictures are UP!”

  1. xXZephyrXx says:

    Looking Foxxy Jess ^.^

  2. Patrick says:


  3. MrAlexSan says:

    You are so damn sexy. You are truly the Alpha woman Nerd.

    Oh, and Nerds are the best thing ever invented.

  4. Lolol says:

    Those are really….REALLY GOOD.
    Good Job Jess!

  5. Wilt says:

    Outstanding Job!

  6. Jlee says:

    Thats a perfect Yoko!

  7. forestw785 says:

    amazin :D
    i love them.

  8. lilwingman says:

    nice. more girls need to dress up as anime hunnies on a regular basis.

  9. Mikey says:

    GAH.. You’re absolutely stunning. :)

  10. Zangetsu195 says:

    Totally worth the wait!

  11. Valkyrie says:

    wow.. nicely done!

  12. Vic Almighty says:

    The new pics look great Jess! I think you pull off red hair really well. :)

  13. Nigri-Lover-1701 says:

    I absolutely LOOVE the hair!!

  14. Jess Fan says:

    Bah, enough with the artsy angles. Give us some straight on frontal shots, please!

  15. sleeve1986 says:

    Beautiful ;) You always look like you’re having a great time with the cosplay Jess.

  16. Lexi says:

    Awesome job JESS!!! I really love your YOKO cosplay, definitely the best YOKO I’ve seen EVER!

  17. jagermeister says:

    Did you really use red contact lenses, or was that added later digitally?

  18. Frozen says:

    Looks great! Awesome job!

  19. Esom says:

    You definately would be what I’d imagine Yoko would look like in “THE REAL WORLD!!!!” Anyhoo, great job Jess, and keep it up. We’re all super proud of your work, yet not very surprised on how good it was.

  20. Daniel Ciarleglio says:

    Jessie ^^ just …….awesome

  21. T says:

    Wow she is pretty good at this cosplay. I seen her previous cosplays and they were pretty sweet. I seen the anime she did with Yoko and this one is outstanding. Way to go NIgri!!

  22. _Chris_ says:

    I was looking forward to seeing that gun…what’s the deal?? ;)

    Keep doing what you enjoy, have fun, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

  23. Isaiah says:


    cute. Hella going up as my avatar on the forums that I post on.

  24. libyanhead says:

    Woah…….This is…..

    Goddammit, Im speachless


  25. CoreyM says:

    are u wearing colored contacts?

  26. Vash says:

    Damn u are so hot.

  27. Kai says:

    I’d say you pulled off that look. really nice job keep it up!

  28. Abdulrahman says:

    i cant say anything…………….AWESOME!

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