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Facebook Fanpage!?

0, September 27, 2009
Posted by Jessica Nigri

fund me Boba FettRandom picture of me and Boba Fett at Comic Con…LULZ

Hey everyone!! Just making sure that if you haven’t already you have joined up with my facebook fanpage as well!!
There are some great people there to meet and chat with as well!! I hope to see you there as well!! :D



Sushi Night with the Gang!

0, September 25, 2009
Posted by Jessica Nigri

sushi night with the gang

Here is a quick shot of our sushi night with the regulars from the chat! Next time we go we will let you know and maybe you can “come to sushi” too! ^^

I have just been working on my costumes today… Finished my #$^@ top, it looks alright, but I still have some things I want to fix on it >.<  (edit: as requested here is the link to the WIP pic – I guess its no longer a mystery who I am cosplaying next ^___~)

So excited for Saboten-Con!!
<3 Jess