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Finally: The Dark Magician Girl!!!

0, August 30, 2009
Posted by Jessica Nigri

Dark Magician Girl

All I have to say… IS THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!! This is my very first OFFICIAL COSPLAY made by me! Its been a long and hard, but I think everything turned out greaat!! I REALLY HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT!! :D





I’ve always admired soo many cos-players, (even though I have only atually been cosplaying a short time) and I am hoping soon I can be as talented as they are especially when it comes to costume creation!

Ms. Lallafa is my first featured cos-player. Since I started my first ever cosplay in SD Con 2009 … Ms. Lallafa is the first ever person who gave me great advice and constructive criticism. I truly admired her for this, but my admiration soared when I saw how amazing she was herself! Check out this link to her site, where she MADE all of the the costumes herself and continues to do so. So here’s a quick shout out to her!  Keep up all the great work Lallafa !! (And keep up the criticism xD)

Lets give it up this week for Lallafa for her awesome rendition of Soul Eaters: Tsubaki!